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 4.3" built-in color
 touchscreen PLC + HMI
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Jazz® and M91™ Programmable Controllers

Jazz® and M91™ Programmable Controllers

Jazz® and M91™ – For simple PLC control—with text-only HMI + keypad.

Finding a reliable, cost-effective PLC and HMI can be the hardest part of an otherwise simple automation project. Unitronics Jazz and M91 series are here to make sure simple projects stay simple. These Programmable Logic Controllers have onboard I/O, built-in text-display HMIs, and complimentary software and technical support. Everything you need for a simple, self-contained automation project comes included with a Jazz or M91 All-in-One PLC at one affordable price.

Main Features:

  • I/O options include digital, analog, high-speed, temperature & weight measurement*
  • Ports: RS232/RS485*
  • Communication: MODBUS, CANbus*
  • Advanced COM support: SMS via GSM

* For M91 only

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