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Sensor Mounting Accessories

With Softnoze mounting and protection devices, we can help provide solutions to difficult mounting applications, and we can protect your sensors from downtime incidents. 


Banking Screw Adapters
Create heavy duty, solid state switches.
Sensor Block Mounts
Metal or plastic, threaded or slotted, for rugged mounting.
Sensor Mounting Brackets
Create heavy duty, solid state switches.
Sensor Spring Mounts
Spring-loaded cusion for overtravel protection and faster set-up.
Contact Prox Plunger
Long stroke switching device makes compliance with inaccuratte targets a snap.
Contact Prox Probe
Converts standard prox sensors into probe-style switches.
Sensor Quick Mount
Plastic block mount with a hinged lever top.
Sensor Quick Tubes
Securely holds and releases a sensor with a quick twist of a single collet-style nut.
Sensor Wells
Allows for a wide variety of attachment options and keeps system sealed durring installlation & removal
Sensor Sight Glass
Quickly attach tubular proximity sensors to glass and plastic tubes for level detection.
Square Sensor Caps
Protective covers, faces and material deflectors to insure your sensors avoid damage
Sensor Protective Caps
Protective caps and faces eliminate the top reason for sensor failure, abrasion!