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 4.3" built-in color
 touchscreen PLC + HMI
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Vision™ Series Programmable controllers

Vision™ Series Programmable controllers

For Advanced Machines & Automation Projects.

Unitronics’ Vision series is an award-winning series that offers a full range of all-in-one Programmable Logic Controllers with integrated HMI panels. With options ranging from a palm-sized PLC up to a 12.1-inch touchscreen PLC+HMI and support for 1000 I/O points, the Vision series has something for everyone.

Vision is programmed with VisiLogic, the single, easy-to-use software environment for Ladder Logic, HMI design, and communication configuration.

Main Features:

  • I/O options include digital, analog, high-speed, temperature & weight measurement
  • Expand up to 1,000 I/Os
  • Ports: Ethernet, CANbus, USB programming, RS232/RS485
  • Communication: TCP/IP, MODBUS, CANopen, UniCAN, BACnet and M-Bus via gateway
  • Advanced COM support: Web server, SMS & email, GPRS/GSM, SNMP

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