NEW Product from Unitronics
 4.3" built-in color
 touchscreen PLC + HMI
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Sandtron Automation is the respected expert in the Application, Selection, Installation and Protection of automation devices.

Ask us for help with PLC's, Proximity Sensors, Photoelectrics, Lasers, Ultrasonics, Capacitives, Fiber Optics, Pneumatics and Connection Systems.

We specialize in application solutions for your automated machines, contact us at, or call 800-387-5729. 

World's Best Proximity Sensors
Safety Light Curtains
Industrial PLCs & Automation Innovative PLC + HMI
Fiber Optics & Miniature
Photoelectric Sensors
MIG, Plasma & Laser Welding Products Popular Cylinder Sensors

Pneumatic Controls
Circular Connectors & Cordsets Patented Sensor Protection

High Speed Shaft Encoders
UV & Colour Sensors

High Quality Ultrasonic Sensors
Counters, Timers & Ratemeters
High Quality Capacitive Sensors

Industrial Display Boards & Signs
Safety Switches & Interlocks
Standard & Force Guided Relays

Fuses Cables, Relays & Power Supplies Industrial Abrasive Products

Linear Transducer Products Connectors & DeviceNet Products Pushbuttons & Machine Controls
Industrial Paint Markers Quality Custom Safety Mats Sensors and Automation Products

Industrial Sensor Solutions Engineer of Light Abrasives, Welding, Safety, Polishing
Sign & Marking Solutions