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 4.3" built-in color
 touchscreen PLC + HMI
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COVID Thermal Sensors

Scanning individuals body temperatures before entrance to a facility
is one of the easiest ways to prevent and/or slow the transmission
of any communicable illness.

This device is a non-contact facial temperature detection system. The system can detect abnormal body
temperatures in less than 0.2 seconds, 
with an accuracy of 0.3 degrees fahrenheit. This device has facial
detection and recognition capabilities to accurately monitor any individual entering a facility.

Available with Facial or Wrist detection sensors.


Temperature Verification:
Quickly and accurately take temperature. Send email notifications. Grant or restrict access based on scan results.

Mask Detection: The Mask Detection Option Identifies whether or not a mask is being worn. Email notifications can be sent and access granted or restricted based on the results.

Facial Verification: Match the image of the person being scanned to an image database to verify Name, Employee Number, etc …

Screening Questionnaire • Attendance Logging

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