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About Us

  • Experts in the application, selection, installation, and protection of automation products

  • Well trained inside technical application specialists

  • Technically trained staff for wiring or technical questions

  • Trained outside sales representatives for 100% service delivery

  • Massive reserve inventory for 0% backorders

  • Inventory management including stock room service

  • 100% on-time delivery including rush orders

  • One-day shipping on all stock orders

  • Friday, weekend or after hours delivery

  • Product failure tracking (blue bins) for continuous improvement

  • Custom part creation for demanding applications

  • CSA and UL approved products, continuously improved

  • Pricing extended to machine builders and integrators for 100% consistency

  • Pricing extended to all plant locations, including foreign plants

  • Sales and service advice including training to machine builders

  • Blanket order pricing, or system contract pricing


For over 55 years, Sandtron has been committed to providing quality automation products, and providing them with the highest level of customer service and technical support.


In addition to low prices, we stock massive quantities of products, and we have a great service attitude.

We continuously improve our products and processes.


With over 55 years in the business, we are willing AND capable of managing training including application, selection, installation and protection of sensors and automation products.


We are a friendly company to deal with. Our sales staff, our order desk, our technical support, our shipping, and our accounting departments all understand the priority of fast, friendly and reliable service. This is our commitment to you. Please let us prove it.

Ask us for help with PLC's, Proximity Sensors, Photoelectrics, Lasers, Ultrasonics, Capacitives, Fiber Optics, Pneumatics and Connection Systems. We specialize in application solutions for your automated machines. Contact us at, or call 800-387-5729. 
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